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The phone number 337-739-1213 has been reported with the user community 5 times, may you do not want to receive calls from this number. The phone has 4 ratings and 5 comments, we have registered 4 possible owners, phone number (337) 739-1213 have a Poor score. Most users believe that this phone is Event Reminder and belongs to RECOMENDS

(337) 739-1213

Located in Lafayette, Louisiana


over 2 years ago



Type Call: Event Reminder

User leave a very poor score 10 of 10 point of bad signal
about 3 years ago

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air asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 1 decade ago
how do i tell my old friends i want to be friends agian?
2-3 years ago my ex-bffs started to talk about me behind my back.but now that they stoped i want to be thier friend.for to reason 1 is that the girl side of me is a lot like the 2nd 1 is that im really popular but in the wrong group cuz im with the guys not the how do i tell them i really want to hang out with them and i want to go to partys too.

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please answer it would a lot of help

how do i tell my old friends i want to be friends agian?
6 Answers
Funeeegurl's avatar
1 decade ago
Favorite Answer
Why would you want to be apart of such a shallow group of people. I think you should stand apart from these idiots. Create your own group of friends and leave these clowns in the dust.

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The thinker's avatar
The thinker
Lv 4
1 decade ago
Well you have start talking to them slowly. Just start with the smiles and hi's then ask what they have been up to lately. You have to feel them out to see if they want you back in the group. If they do then they will talk to you, if they keep it super short then find another group of friends. Also try to invite yourself somewhere with them or invite them somewhere with you. Reconnecting will be better outside of school or work.


lacuesta's avatar
Lv 4
4 years ago
permit's first make it clean in spite of if the daughter in question is your individual or the doorstep daughter. if it rather is the latter, your motherly project for her is commendable. through fact she is so important to you and you do not % her to renowned approximately your relationship which comprise your ex boy pal and get harm, have you ever made any uncomplicated attempt to make your husband mend his philandering approaches, so as that the three of you are able to stay as an exceptionally happy family members? If he has retorted on your pleadings with a threat to bypass away along with his daughter, understanding your weak spot for her, you ought to have permit him do it. through fact this form of reaction on his area is a slap on your dignity. If he's such an incorrigible wretch bypass away him in any respect expenses. while the doorstep daughter grows older and could become mentally mature, she will herself know what form of a creature her father is and empathise with you. perhaps she will return to you voluntarily some day. for my area, that's truthfully painful on your area, yet unavoidable each and every of an identical. approximately your relationship which comprise your ex boy pal, i think of that's greater out of a spirit to avenge the breach of have confidence out of your husband. or maybe to flee the humiliation and oppressive environment at residing house and locate convenience in the corporate of the guy you as quickly as enjoyed and depended on, yet for some reason had did not marry. or maybe the two. this could suit you nice in the meanwhile, yet is infrequently useful in the long-term. Do make effective that your ex boy pal rather has an identical emotions and concerns, he as quickly as had for you. that he's not enjoying without taking actually accountability by making use of exploiting your emotional lack of self assurance. once you % to initiate life afresh, that's nicely worth it to apply your strategies and not your coronary heart and choose a companion you are able to rather have confidence. especially as you have been cheated as quickly as already.

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1 decade ago
If they talked about you once then they will do it again but if you guys have buried the hatchet then go for it try to work it out and then party your a** off!


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1 decade ago
start talking to them slowly and smiling. then maybe at lunch talk to them about becoming friends againg


katdie's avatar
1 decade ago
if they are really your friends you should be able to just talk to them and they would just let you be there friends again and if they don't there not your friends


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Owner: Cindy stop flirting

Type Call: Unknown

User leave a very poor score 10 of 10 point of bad signal
about 3 years ago

Y are you fucken cheating still cindy why dont stop too see me

Owner: Triste

Type Call: Trustworthy number

User leave a very poor score 10 of 10 point of bad signal
about 4 years ago

Type Call: Robocall

about 4 years ago
User leave a very poor score 10 of 10 point of bad signal
The phone number 3377391213 is located in Lafayette, in the state of Louisiana

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The National format for this number is (337) 739-1213 and the international telephone numbering plan (E164) format is +13377391213, RFC966 format is tel:+1-337-739-1213, when the call is international the number is writing in the next format +1 337-739-1213.
The phone is located in area code 337

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26##:fb##:b9##:82##:Marked 3377391213 as Sat, 19 Dec 2020 07:45:04 GMT (about 3 years ago)
2600:#:d6##:fa0d:#:#Marked 3377391213 as Sat, 01 Feb 2020 18:28:24 GMT (about 4 years ago)
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Cindy stop flirting

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