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(313) 424-8347

Located in Dearborn, Michigan


over 2 years ago

Smart Girl Knows
August 16, 2017




Never, ever, ever call. It’s really that simple. Don’t. Ever. Call. You’re going to want to call. You’re going to ask your friends if you should call. You’re going to ask your mother if you should call. They’re going to say yes. But you are NOT going to call. If you’re a Smart Girl and you follow the Smart Girl Rules, you just won’t ever have to.

If he wants to, he will call you. If he calls you and you don’t answer, he will call you again. If he calls and the call got disconnected, he will call you back – if he wants to. If he wants to, he will call. If he doesn’t call, he doesn’t want to call.

THE TRICK! THE TRICK IS SO IMPORTANT. The trick relates to every single Smart Girl Rule. When you do communicate with him, be it by phone, message, update status, Instagram, and so on, BE SUPER SWEET. Be flirtatious, be warm, be funny, be charismatic, be relaxed, and be kind. DON’T BE COLD.

Honestly, if you ever forget any of the Smart Girl Rules, don’t let it EVER be Rule #1. NEVER CALL. No matter what you may think, no matter how many times he’s called first, no matter what—do not call him. Trust me, it works! I know from personal experience. If he really wants you, he will call you.

My mother always says, when a man truly wants something, he will do whatever it takes to get it. I know you feel sorry for him when he has to lift his heavy iPhone (actually, the X plus is massive), unlock the screen with meticulous effort, dial an entire set of 10 digits, and then move his whole arm towards his precious ear to call you. But I promise, he’s a big boy. He can handle it.

You may be reading this and asking WHY.

So here’s my answer. First, this will all be much easier if you don’t question me and instead just follow the Smart Girl Rules. Then again, the woman reading this most likely isn’t one to sit still, look pretty and never question, and for that I am grateful.

So, here’s why you shouldn’t call: When you call a guy, it means that you want him. It automatically shows him that you’re willing to make the effort to call, that you thought about him before calling (which means you care), that you’re really not that busy, and that you’re impatient.

Not only is this true, but also, if he’s not calling you, it’s probably because a) he doesn’t feel like it, or b) he’s busy. If you call him, he’s probably in the middle of doing something, which just puts you in an awkward situation and makes it even more obvious as to why you shouldn’t have called in the first place.

Think about it: if he’s in the middle of doing something, he’ll probably get off the phone before you do (which is breaking another rule; you should always end the conversation first), and you’ll be anxious all day, waiting for him to call you back. All of this could have been avoided if you had just been patient and didn’t call. So, bottom line: don’t ever call.

In the beginning of a relationship, men need at least a little bit of a challenge. There is absolutely no way around this fact. He can’t KNOW you are interested. He can THINK you are interested, he can HOPE you are interested, he can even ASSUME you are interested. But he can’t KNOW. The second a guy KNOWS you are interested, he is no longer interested himself.

So, if you don’t ever call him, how on earth will he ever know you are interested in him? THIS is why THE TRICK is so unbelievably important. YOU don’t call, but when HE does, you are extremely kind, warm and funny. You definitely want to see him, you just didn’t have time to call.

When I was first dating James, the man who is now my ex, he wasn’t in love with me. And, you guessed it: I wasn’t following any of the Smart Girl Rules, especially not RULE #1 NEVER CALL. I would call him sometimes, he would call me, and whenever he wanted to do something—I was free.

But of course he didn’t want me. Why? BECAUSE I CALLED. And then, he KNEW he had me in the palm of his farmer boy hand.

There was no chase, no challenge, no nothing. The fact that I called showed him how often I was thinking of him, how much of a priority he was to me, and that turned him off. It was all too easy for him.

When he broke up with me for the first time, he said that “something was missing.” That breakup tore me to pieces, left me sobbing and eating Ben& Jerry’s fudge brownie ice cream in front of the TV, but that’s when I realized things had to change.

I just wasn’t sure what.

After the breakup, I continued to call James every once in a while, only when I honestly felt like I couldn’t handle it any longer and absolutely needed to hear his voice. Every time I would call, he KNEW that I was still his. Until one day I decided to experiment.

That’s it. I’m not calling him for a month, I told myself. No matter what.

And so it all began.

Long story short, I didn’t call for a month and I went from being obsessive to being obsessed over. The first week, he didn’t call, and I cried. A lot. The second week, the calls started coming in every once in a while, and I wouldn’t pick up every time. By the third week, he would call every day, and by the fourth, he was begging we would get back together. All because I didn’t call.  All because I followed the Smart Girl Rules.

James was the guy who would never call me back, who always had other things to do, who didn’t make plans in advance. And me? I was the girl who waited by the phone, called him to see if “everything was okay,” and continually made up excuses for why he acted the way he did.

But now, the guy who never bought me flowers turned into the man who proposed to me at Central Park with a gorgeous diamond (oops – I broke up with him but that’s an entirely different story – some relationships can’t be saved). The point is, this miraculous transformation didn’t happen by itself. It occurred the second I stopped calling, the second I started being a Smart Girl and simultaneously expressing my self-worth through my actions.

So remember Smart Girls, when a man really wants you, he will do whatever it takes to be with you.

If a man really wants you, he will call. And you won’t have to.


Smart Girl
Dating Lifestyle



    November 13, 2019 at 19:57

    Okay, this is brilliant and THANK YOU.
    August 13, 2020 at 19:57

    Interesting. Would a smart girl return a phone call if the guy left a message for her, and said, “call me back.”
    August 19, 2020 at 19:57

    Awesome. I’m sooo going to follow the DONT CALL Rule. Thanks for sharing!
    August 23, 2020 at 19:57

    Omg, I had it wrong all along. This article was some of the best advice i have gotten in along time. I’m not going to be his yes girl, anymore!
    September 28, 2020 at 19:57

    Take it from me, this is bullshit. If a girl never calls, and I always have to call and initiate, it tells me she isn’t that interested. Even if she picks up my calls all the time, if she doesn’t ever make any effort to reciprocate, then I stop calling and move on to other girls, especially if, after I stop calling, I never hear from them again, then I not only move on to other girls, I delete the number and move on. “Who this, new phone” when they do call to find out why I went MIA.
        January 29, 2021 at 19:57

        I actually agree, we should be genuine but not obsessive. I think knowing your worth and putting yourself first should more be the message here. As you said this behavior is a sign of genuine disinterest.
    A Man
    October 21, 2020 at 19:57

    Omg this is the most BS article I have ever read ?. Following these steps is a good way to tell a guy you are NOT interested in him, period. Which will prompt him to move on without hesitation. It is really unfortunate to see women encouraging other women to play these silly MIND games with men.
    November 12, 2020 at 19:57

    I totally agree with the no call. I broke up with a guy I was so into. He was very into me at first and then poof, he was gone! I was badly hurt until my Mom gave me this same advice, ” Dont call!” I heard from him in two weeks and now HE is in the palm of my hand. FOLLOW THIS ADVICE. IT WORKS!!!!!
    The Don
    December 16, 2020 at 19:57

    Ladies, notice that she never stuck with him. “Oops… I broke up with him”. This is exactly what we’re looking out for… girls just playing games and not serious about a relationship. If you follow this girls advice all you’ll get are simps. Girls and their mind games and playing tricks (“THE TRICK! THE TRICK IS SO IMPORTANT”). The truth will out. Then you’re dumped for tricking us. No man likes being tricked, ever.
    January 10, 2021 at 19:57

    Omg, this is only if you’re living in the 60s. In a time of FAST TRACK, SPEED DATING & SOCIAL MEDIA….
    I think this rule applies only to those who are already in some interest of a certain someone. Otherwise, how are anyone supposed to know whether you like them or not. Second-guessing is a serious disease and a healthy relationship should be clean/clear from the get-go. NO ONE IS **THAT** important these days. So it’s important to know EFFORT is expected from both ends.
    January 18, 2021 at 19:57

    Does this also apply to texting a man? Should I never initiate, but rather just respond?
    January 24, 2021 at 19:57

    I was wondering if I should ever call but you gave me
Your a whore cindy

Owner: Cynthias

Type Call: Fax Machine

User leave a 6 of 10 point of bad signal
over 2 years ago

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Comment by Traci on 8643158820
Sunday, 02.7.2021 @ 01:40am
Guy named Julious keeps calling us. Has repeatedly called between 2am and 4am. He keeps calling about some movie app that we are not interested in. It's like he's trying to force it on us. He keeps talking to a Lori in the background.
Comment by ALONSO on 6478729352
Saturday, 02.6.2021 @ 14:01pm
Comment by ALONSO on 996771110672
Saturday, 02.6.2021 @ 13:50pm
Comment by ido on 07895228076
Saturday, 02.6.2021 @ 01:20am
this number has sent me a text saying a parcel of mine is at their shipping centre and to follow instructions from a link. im not waiting on any parcel. seems dodgy but will investigate
Comment by AGNES on 6478729352
Friday, 02.5.2021 @ 10:33am
Comment by AGNES on 996771110672
Friday, 02.5.2021 @ 10:28am
scammer pirated software seller
Comment by AGNES on 2896245766
Friday, 02.5.2021 @ 10:11am
647-354-2063, ----289-624-5766 beware, the same fraudsters based in Toronto use several false profiles on facebook at MarketPlace and on kijiji, Richmond Ebanks , Tommy McCormack , Shannon McCarthy , Deanna Vargas , Lauren Malatakis , Diana Prince
, they have several numbers ..-- 647-354-2063- ----289-624-5766
Their goals is to scam the maximum number of people, please share, they will make less victims if their profiles or their numbers will be known by all, I fell into their traps
Comment by Barry on 08007315133
Friday, 02.5.2021 @ 08:34am
Domestic and General checking on appliance cover
Comment by Marci Wisehart on 5177507581
Thursday, 02.4.2021 @ 14:14pm
Comment by wayne on 7632608413
Wednesday, 02.3.2021 @ 15:12pm
Comment by Nope on 606270310
Tuesday, 02.2.2021 @ 22:40pm
Comment by AJ on 8008634717
Tuesday, 02.2.2021 @ 17:21pm
Scam call and text message saying they are ChaseOnLine and I have hit account limitation.
Comment by Masimzukise Phillip on 0112197322
Tuesday, 02.2.2021 @ 08:52am
I really want to know that number is the existing number of worldwide shipment enterprises and is it a functional company in South Africa
Comment by Billy on 02082394984
Tuesday, 02.2.2021 @ 05:23am
missed call, no message same scammer using many numbers
Comment by Jess on 4696683317
Monday, 02.1.2021 @ 10:14am
Recently received a text message from this number stating the following:

Hi Jessica, FedEx will be delivering your order tomorrow! To verify delivery address, please enter your details here now >>
Comment by Sharon on 0374943200
Sunday, 01.31.2021 @ 18:01pm
This number rang a few times.. When I pick up, it was automatically disconnect. What the....?
Comment by LaToya B Htfd,CT on 8008634717
Sunday, 01.31.2021 @ 08:52am
Texted about my Visa card very odd random & just out of left field.
Very much a Scam...
SUBJ:Act.NoW:->C0ntact 800.863.4717
MSG:Visa/Master CreditDebitVerificationID: 997*****
Comment by Brenda on 8008634717
Sunday, 01.31.2021 @ 08:22am
Comment by RS on 0800622838
Sunday, 01.31.2021 @ 07:08am
It's extremely valuable if you need to engage in phone warfare against SSE (let's say they're refusing to refund your "credit"). This number is for vulnerable people but (crucially) they have access to customer details so can process refunds. Phoning SSE emergency numbers is an alternative, but you'll get very little in return as they probably have no ability to access your details. Ultimately it's about hurting them financially, and emergency numbers are the ones they least want users to hog! SSE are lying, decieving, manipulative weasels. You can't do phone warfare if it's an 0345 number, so this number is gold dust. Can they block you? If they do, you can use the 0800 business sales number or an emergency one. You need a speaker phone for chatting all day. Stay calm (if you get angry or over excited you'll wear yourself out). Alcohol may help!
Comment by Waco Informer on 2548489572
Saturday, 01.30.2021 @ 21:11pm
Maura burgard do you think you could be any MORE of greedy a cold hearted ***???You really showed us your true colors with what you did in our time of need.If you think that you can just put on some overpriced running shoes and run off into the sunset you are in for a rude court awakening! This is the number for this cold hearted healthcare scumbag maura burgard 254-848-9572 844-279-3627
Comment by Not 4 Sale on 8014471501
Saturday, 01.30.2021 @ 10:24am
This jerk realtor (sorry to be redundant) had no respect for people or their privacy beFORE a global health pandemic and Constitutional crisis. Now he's a litterbug to boot, ombing up on people's houses without a mask or gloves and getting his fingerprints all over our panes (what a pain!). Anyway, I and some friends of mine that I've enlisted are going to take Mr. "Wade" out on a few little relator snipe hunts -- i.e., call him up posing as a seller (he'll never detect the ruse because in his Universe EVERYONE wants to sell their house and EVERYBODY wants WADE to sell it for him . . . classic megalomania in other words) and make an appointment for him to stop by a house near you. For example, I'm going to send Wade to the QAnon house a hew doors down from mine. The real "rub" fopr Wade with this approach is there is no way he'll be able to discern his "snipe hunt" appointments from his real one. And of COURSE he deserves it. Here we are writing him. Right? SO let's all show "Wade" the same disrespect that he shows us until he gets tired of "playing."
Comment by MRU on 03000565300
Friday, 01.29.2021 @ 04:53am
HMRC Compliance Department
Comment by Philip Fear on 01132170461
Thursday, 01.28.2021 @ 07:27am
01132170461 is not the connected telephone number at the registered address due to the fraudulent activities of others abusing and building none legal website links,tags, chips to our company name data. This telephone number has been removed from the data of Multi-Treatments Limited so that means there is no connection to Multi-Treatments Limited or the business owners as the telephone number has been removed from the premises where it was connecting to our data in search results all due to fraudulent attack activities by others on our data. New telephone contact us data has been created so the registered named business owners can still be contacted at the registered office and named officers address under the company reference number 05594397.
Comment by Kagiso Sakwe on 0437035111
Thursday, 01.28.2021 @ 02:11am
Could you kindly please call me again as I unfortunately missed your call while busy on another Telkom line,regards
Comment by Hamid on 0017815275130
Wednesday, 01.27.2021 @ 01:33am
Received a call from this no telling me my Whatsapp code. I got the call twice after that I declined it. Then there were no more calls
Comment by Francis April dedel on 0279443202
Tuesday, 01.26.2021 @ 17:16pm
I want to know whose number is this because I wasnt able to answer the call
Comment by connie on 8008634717
Tuesday, 01.26.2021 @ 13:53pm
/Contact 800-863-4717 Immediately 0YG9 / Dear Account Ending: xxxx Is Restricted!
Comment by NH on 8779597499
Tuesday, 01.26.2021 @ 08:49am
Telemarketers who do not get a response tell you to call this number (877-959-7499) to be "taken off the list." If you call them, they will know you are responding and you will be in hell forever.
Comment by Wtf on 0284643600
Monday, 01.25.2021 @ 22:26pm
Someone just called me with this number,, and as far as I can see people commenting here are on early january wth
Comment by Jandy on 0284643600
Monday, 01.25.2021 @ 20:04pm
whose number is this?
Comment by Terry Pilates on 8662525777
Monday, 01.25.2021 @ 15:05pm
If you CALL this number, you will be connected to a debt recovery specialist at Chase. It is legit. If you GET A CALL *FROM* this number, there is a chance it is a scammer who is "spoofing" the legit number.
Comment by Pete on 08000512210
Monday, 01.25.2021 @ 13:29pm
Also received a scam letter claiming to be Aviva
Comment by DEBORAH on 4389310046
Saturday, 01.23.2021 @ 22:11pm
Comment by Theresa on 8667037913
Saturday, 01.23.2021 @ 20:27pm
What is this? Why they took money from my account? $44.62 That's a big money specially now im jobless coz of this pandemic. And you are just taking money from the people. I need this to be refunded.
Comment by PS on 2623874734
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 14:49pm
Calls repeatedly, but does not leave a message.
Comment by magalie on 4389310046
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 14:43pm
Comment by Skeptical Larry on 8434868235
Tuesday, 01.19.2021 @ 13:15pm
Suspicious call... Sounded like one of those call centers like you see on the TV.
Comment by katie on 2022501409
Tuesday, 01.19.2021 @ 07:54am
Jefe Unk is what they called themselves. texted me all day.
Comment by Jose on 410100014
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 13:00pm
I've received 3 text from this number saying something about have an offensive post on Facebook, they spell Facebook wrong everytime. I also have no Facebook account. They leave a link, I just reply back offensive things, to them.
Comment by Bill on 7208350027
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 12:14pm
Scam caller targeting seniors. Trying to sell new roofs. Hard sell technique.
Comment by Wayne on 01134166865
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 07:33am
The lady stated in relation to Health & Safety requesting company contact details. When I asked "Health & Safety in relation to what exactly" she continued asking for details, I then reiterated the question she was very rude and hung up as I hadn't given her what she wanted. Extremely rude.
Comment by Gary on 2264555845
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 07:15am
I have a great timen
Comment by Rebe on 0272019645
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 04:46am
Male and female caller pretending to be from the ATO. Asking personal questions and wanting information about our finances. ID theft.
Comment by chrid on 08700400443
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 01:59am
it rings me twice every morning,twice every afternoon, i answer and nobody ever just instantly hangs up, does it 5 days a week
Comment by Jimmy on 8008634717
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 18:35pm
It's a scam/phish, it's designed to get your social and credit/debit info. They will steal your identity and take your money, and you'll never talk to a person for it to happen.

Banks will always verify the info with you, and not take your full social. They will also never call you unless it's for collections. Do not give this number your info.
Comment by dac di on 8008634717
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 15:58pm
Text Call 800-863-4717 now A75S Restricted Access
Comment by Yuriy on 8008634717
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 14:19pm
/ Contact 800-863-4717 Now 9IQ9 / Dear YURIY--Restricted Access! probably a scam
Comment by Joseph on 8008634717
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 12:39pm
Texting me with my name that my chase account suspended
Comment by bernard on 6474919414
Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 19:36pm
647-491-9414 scammer pirated software seller
Comment by Noah on 8008634717
Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 14:53pm
Texting me that my bank account is restricted
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